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CR ProjecTrax | Construction Management Software from CR Structures

CR ProjecTrax

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CR ProjecTrax quickly connects our project teams, anywhere, anytime. This state-of-the-art construction management software allows us to instantly share information with architects, engineers, project managers, suppliers, subcontractors and building owners via a family of user-friendly apps.

After logging into the secure CR ProjecTrax system from any computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device, all parties can:

  • create and select options
  • submit and approve change orders
  • make changes or add comments
  • upload and view existing files
  • share calendars, plans, project documents, estimates, photos and more

CR ProjecTrax All plans, documents, specifications and contracts are also available 24/7/365 for fast download and review from any computer or smartphone.

CR ProjecTrax is a powerful tool that allows us to manage your project to peak performance. But rest assured, none of this replaces the one-on-one interaction among all of our team members on a daily basis.

The following is a description of the various apps in the CR ProjecTrax suite:


Time is valuable to everyone on a construction project, but most importantly to the owners. The CR ProjecTrax Scheduling app harnesses powerful client-side operations and inline data entry to offer the fastest critical-path gantt scheduling tools. No matter if schedule changes are made in the office or the field, everyone gets an immediate update so they can plan accordingly.

Owner Link

In Owner Link, CR Structures Group is able to provide owners with up-to-date information about their projects in a password protected website just for them. Owners can view the project calendar and important dates, download project plans, approve change orders, make selections, choose upgrades, and see files and photos related to the project – anywhere, anytime. Email notifications can also be set up to alert owners when changes are made to anything on the project.

Owner Selections

Owners are busy running and growing their business, so CR Structures Group wants the process of selecting options to be as painless as possible. After all, owners are happier without surprises, and anything that we can do to automate the process helps create a better and faster project. With CR ProjecTrax Owner Selections, we quickly create option sets and provide owners with a simple web interface to make selections.

Team Link

In the CR ProjecTrax Team Link app, our subcontractors, suppliers and team members can see the latest project updates, schedules, change orders, selections, calendars, files and photos. It enables them to share plans, estimates, schedules, change orders, photos and comments – anywhere, anytime. Email notifications can also be set up whenever changes are made to anything on the project.

Game Plan Emails

Designed to keep our project team on task and on target, CR ProjecTrax Game Plan Emails provide an automatic list of activities, meetings, scheduled project tasks and to dos delivered to our subcontractors, suppliers and Project Managers. Game Plans are fully customizable for each contact, and can even be sent at a specific day or time.

Project Logging

Project Logging makes tracking onsite daily activity better and easier than ever. Using this CR ProjecTrax app, we can record project activity with pictures and videos right from the site, and upload them instantly for all team members to see and discuss. Instead of trying to remember any questions and concerns from our field inspection, we record them right away with pictures or video, and forward them instantly to the team members it concerns. Utilizing this tool allows CR Structures Group to lead the industry in quality control on our construction projects.


CR ProjecTrax ToDos allows straightforward management of all our most important tasks, including assigning responsibility to other team members, tracking due dates and automatically sending reminders. Forgetting to get something done could mean project delays, but with ToDos, nothing important falls through the cracks.

Change Orders

Our CR ProjecTrax Change Order management app offers clear advantages by allowing us to list complete details, costs, additional time, notes and images online. This entire process is simplified since the owners have the ability to fully review any change orders, see running totals and approve changes online. Subcontractors and suppliers can confirm the status of change orders anywhere with a web connection, which decreases the chance for delays.

Punch List

Without the right tools, Punch List management can be a painful process. In many cases, we are dealing with dozens of subcontractors and suppliers needing to work seamlessly together to complete a project, relying on us for specific details and information about their responsibilities. Our CR ProjecTrax Punch List management app empowers our entire team to quickly create, document, photograph and assign punch list items from the office or jobsite.