The services CR Structures Group provides are enhanced by our commitment to Listen Better, Plan Better and Build Better.


At CR Structures Group, we believe that communication from start to finish between the owner and the construction team is essential for a successful project. That begins with LISTENING to the owner’s wants, needs and objectives from day one.

  • Project Funding: Every successful project starts with the necessary funding. This drives the design, scope and size of the project. The CR Structures team knows the right people to contact in order to secure every dollar of financing or funding that is required for your project. We can also assist with a financial feasibility study to insure the business will grow and prosper.
    In some cases an owner may want to “Build-to-Lease.” CR Structures Group has investors who will build the building for you without you having the financial burden of the down payment. Also with “Lease-to-Own” options you have time to build up your business and then purchase the building after a negotiated number of years. In each case, you could be the tenant as well as part of the ownership group. Contact us if any of these options are of interest to you.
  • Pre-Construction Planning: Before putting pencil to paper, the CR Structures team meets with the building owner to discuss the design and functionality goals, along with budget and timeline. We’ll also analyze the unique characteristics of the business and the workflow, and review long range planning to make sure the building can easily be expanded without much rework in the future.
  • Site Selection: Every property is not created equal. It might look like the perfect spot to grow your business, but there could be some hidden costs to develop it. CR Structures can assist with site selection and evaluation to ensure correct zoning, adequate site access and utilities, reasonable storm water requirements, no DNR restrictions are present, suitable soil conditions, and that it meets future expansion needs. We can also assist with a market analysis to ensure that it is the right spot for your business to grow and prosper. So before you buy the land, contact CR Structures.


The more comprehensive and effective we are on the PLAN upfront, the smoother the construction project will be when we get on site. CR Structures Group’s construction expertise guarantees that everything is discussed and nothing gets missed, making change orders virtually non-existent.

  • Design Development: A complete set of plans and building specifications created from the extensive knowledge the team gained about the business and objectives are provided and reviewed by the construction team and owner. This includes a civil site plan, architectural plans and engineered structural plans.
  • Sustainability: Our experts in LEED® certification and sustainability design and construct review the plans and objectives to make sure all possible green initiatives are thought of and discussed with the project team to see which ones make sense to implement.
  • 3D Renderings: Like they say a “picture is worth a thousand words.” CR Structures Group uses the latest technology to give the owner a virtual experience of the building before a shovel ever hits the ground. This ensures that the owner knows what they are getting before it is built. This is also great for the owner’s marketing material or “Coming Soon” signage.
  • Interior Design: Utilizing the services of a professional Interior Designer can help give you the “wow” factor you’ve been looking for. CR Structures Group strives to provide creative, cost effective design solutions to enhance the experience of everyone inside the building. Interior design services may include space planning, finish and color selection, and furniture specification and procurement, along with 3D images to aid in visualization and final selection.


The reason CR Structures Group went into business was to Build. We love seeing our clients’ dreams come to reality. Our team will Build your building like it is our own.

  • Cost Estimating: CR Structures Group utilizes an open-book competitive bidding process that is the most transparent in the business. We discuss all bids with our clients as we assemble the right team for the job. Whether we identify the subcontractors or the owner has subcontractors in mind, they are pre-qualified to ensure that the finish project is of the highest quality and true to the design the owner intended.
  • Construction Management: CR Structures Group’s attention to detail, scheduling and budget management is unmatched in the industry with the utilization of the latest technology to assist in the construction management process. Our CR ProjectTrax project management software is a state-of-the-art platform that ensures all information is shared with architects, engineers, project managers, suppliers, subcontractors and the owner as soon as it is necessary. All plans, documents, specifications and contracts are available 24/7/365 for fast download and review from any computer or smartphone.